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Spend any time on social media and a fish hook sets into you, reeling you out on a line of likes and retweets and shares. It’s easy to believe in an economy of reputation, your worth resting on drive-by swipes and taps.

From Attention ≠ Influence by Shanna Peeples

Being data-driven is not vision. People who cling to being data-driven rarely create anything new or interesting. I also personally find it hard to explain why to them.

From Observations on Product Management by Dan Hill

To many, what I’m about to say will sound crazy. Bear with me for just a thousand words or so. I think Twitter is going to have a good year in 2018, while Facebook has a bad one.

From The Year of Twitter, the Fear of Facebook by M.G. Siegler

I came to Silicon Valley to make things. And while it’s true that wherever there is money and power there are going to be people who abuse it, we need to step up and stop this shit from going on. It is never OK to abuse your power to exploit women or any underrepresented group, or to allow your power to be used by others to do so.

From That party was way worse than it sounds by Paul Biggar

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”

From 23 Smart Ways To Increase Your Confidence, Productivity, and Income by Benjamin P. Hardy

Societies collapse in much the same way — there is something like a universal way of collapse. Yet the whole problem begins with the fact that human beings, having needy egos, find their own downfall difficult to accept.

From How Societies Collapse by umair haque

Social media is asymmetrical. You can break your democracy by spending all your time on it — but you probably can’t fix one that way. All the tweets and status updates in the world won’t rewrite a constitution to include a right to h…

From Dopamine Democracy by umair haque

Squeezing out every last dollar from a relationship will leave it sour and dry. That goes whether the relationship is between a company and its workers, a company and its customers, or a company and its suppliers. It’s a two-dimensional, flat, and antagonistic relationship. It’s also frequently completely unnecessary, and nearly always unsustainable.

From Exiting the dark ages of capitalism by DHH

Exponential growth gets all the glory. Every startup story that lands on the cover of a magazine has a hockey-stick chart to flaunt. Yes, disruption is driven by such violent expansion, and the world needs some disruption some of the time. But for the other 360 days out of the year, what it also needs is some modest, linear growth.

From The world needs more modest, linear growth companies. Please make some. by DHH

And I think irrational decision making which leads to destruction rather than construction, is rather like professional (or personal) apoptosis. Perhaps, these irrational, emotionally or cognitively biased decisions, are a professional Darwinian mechanism for weeding out the unhealthy actors, or unhealthy dynamics, before they turn into cancer. The founder above will blow up the Company, but then he won’t be in a position to do any more harm in this sector because he will be considered radioactive. The co-founders ending their professional and personal relationship will stop lingering resentment leading to more value destruction from within.

From This Company Will Self Destruct in Five, Four, Three…… by Elaine Stead

When money is your sole concern, when it becomes your soul’s concern, you’re on your way to emptiness. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve looked at a bank account with a whole lot of zeroes and felt nothing, and I’ve looked at a bank account that just read zero and felt nothing.

From I Have Only One Rule About Money by Jon Westenberg 🌈

This is where his career path changed from one end of the spectrum to the other. He reinvented. He learned a whole new set of skills. And he adapted to an ever changing digital world.

From Dennis Woodside: How Do You Know When Something is The Next Big Thing (Advice from Dropbox’s…

“Invent your own category.”

From Ryan Holiday: Competition is For Losers: Invent Your Own Category by James Altucher

When I want to get better at something, I go underneath the skill. I imagine a small version of myself looking up at my dreams. If I can see how far away I am from greatness, I feel the desire to get there. That’s what this podcast is about. Picking apart greatness.

From Jackie Martling: The Joke Man… I Talk with Howard Stern’s Former Lead Writer by James Altucher

These discussions often painful or “low bandwidth” … If you’re a leader or manager at work, the issue can sometimes stem from prioritizing ‘being heard’ over ‘creating clarity’. But if we flip that, our role becomes obvious — to provide maximum clarity on wherever there is agr…

From The 90% agreement rule by Lawrence Ripsher

Over-Engineering is subjective and the damage of its subjectiveness increase as the requirements fail to present the full picture …

From How To Accept Over-Engineering For What It Really Is by Fagner Brack

For some reason the default corporate mindset is that there will always be something to discuss, so having a regularly scheduled meeting is good because it “gives folks a chance to catch up.”

From It’s time for recurring meetings to end by Dan Kim

Rather than thinking about how much you need to make to cover your costs, think about how little you need to help you survive as long as you want.

From Outlasting by Jason Fried

You can’t move a tree by blowing at it softly once the roots are down. But you can radically change where a seed will land by doing the same.

From The world needs more modest, linear growth companies. Please make some. by DHH

What allowed me to change and prosper was the freedom to grow apart and lose touch with people. It’s hard to change yourself if you’re stuck in the same social orbit. There’s a gravitational force that pulls you into repeating the same circular pattern over and over again. Breaking out of that takes tremendous force.

From Growing apart and losing touch is human and healthy by DHH

Getting angry and claiming that someone is policing language if they phrase things any other way than the way that suggests agreement with your worldview is attempting to police language.

From SciShow and Gendered Language by Hank Green

By introducing living wage standards for cleaners, set by cleaners themselves, Airbnb is sending a message that they see and value this workforce, making the invisible, visible in their community and beyond.

From A Clean Home is Worth a Living Wage by Ai-jen Poo

Ultimately, customers want their experiences to be quick, convenient, and effective, and any mechanism that can help you deliver an awe-inspiring interaction might be worth an investm…

From What A Defective Machine Gun Can Teach You About Customer Service by Larry Kim

…AMA on Reddit. One question he was asked was: what would you say makes a leader great? His answer: “Vision, authenticity, bravery, honesty, quick decision making, and following your commitments with action. Folks follow leaders that are willing to take risks, and persist in the face of adversity. You can change culture, build great products, build terrific environments for employees, etc … But you have to have that other stuff dialed in f…

From 15 Incredible Facts About GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving by Larry Kim

To improve your productivity, one powerful technique is to upgrade your working memory. Luckily, there are researched-backed advice in order to improve your memory skills.

From 7 Techniques to Help Improve Your Memory by Larry Kim

Whenever we see a technology with empirical traction whose importance is neglected or even derided, it’s a useful signal of an investment or entrepreneurship opportunity.

From How big is Twitter Moments? by Balaji S. Srinivasan

Goals are strategic and aspirational, whereas tasks are tactical and will likely happen anyway.

From To perform at your best, focus on Goals not Tasks by Paul Adams

At the same time, the world abounds with big, weighty, unsolved problems and among the 7.5 billion people on the planet there is no shortage of talented people who aspire to solve them. So, it’s not that there are too many dollars in venture, we’d argue in fact that there are too few.

From Capital-as-a-Service: A New Operating System for Early Stage Investing by Ashley Carroll

As a blogger wrote, Tesla does not spend millions of dollars in a traditional ad campaign. They let you and I discuss it, rave about it, hate on it, or rejoice in the spirit of going electric in a Tesla, be the catalyst to a viral and brilliant marketing campaign. At the end of the day, Tesla advertising is free.

From Elon Musk Hates Advertising and P&G Is Listening by Jeff Cunningham

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